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phone.:(+373) 22 606-101

Mandibular fracture is a difficult but successful operation.

Renata, a patient at the dental clinic & quot; Omni Dent & quot; , suffered a mandibular fracture that occurred after an accidental fall in March. “After several choices, I stopped at the candidacy of Dr. Dmitry Syrbu , recommended by the dentist for whom I was treated. And during the consultation I realized that the recommendation was very good. First of all, I liked what he explained to me in a simple way, how he was going to fix the broken bone. Moreover, Dr. Dmitri told & nbsp; me about two ways of intervention. Such open communication allowed us to create a trusting relationship, "the patient says. & Nbsp;


Renata, how psychologically prepared for the operation?

«n communication with the doctor, I saw him not only as a qualified surgeon, but also as a person with special qualities, such as politeness, sincerity, compassion, kindness.
I really liked his personality. He also stated that he was writing a doctoral thesis in the field of medical sciences, namely in the area in which he was to perform the operation. It inspired me even more.
"I was comfortable from the open and friendly communication style. After the conversation with Dr. Dmitry Sirbu, this peace of mind psychologically prepared me for the operation, ”Renata tells enthusiastically 4 months after a successful operation.

Operational risks

”Another aspect that I liked about Dr. Dmitry Syrbu was his sincerity regarding the risks". At the same time, he assured me that he would do everything possible to avoid these risks, ”said the patient.

During surgery

The intervention lasted longer, as originally expected, because many fractures formed during the fracture, so it was difficult for the doctor to locate the bone fragments in the correct anatomical position due to a bone defect. To fix the plate with titanium bolts, very high precision and rough work were required. Because of this, & nbsp; it took longer, Dr. Dmitry Sarbu did a great job.

Honest communication with the doctor after surgery

After the operation, sincere and open communication with the doctor continued. Thus, he was honest about the fact that one of the five branches of the facial nerve was stretched during the operation, and in the postoperative period it will be necessary to perform some exercises to restore the function of this nerve. Also, Dr. Dmitry Sirbu clarified that nerve sprain is normal, that this often happens after such an intervention, and that it will be fully restored, which actually happened 2 months after surgery.

Excellent result

I want to mention the patience and attention that Dmitry Syrbu paid me when I came to the procedure after the operation. And about 4 months after the operation, when I came to the consultation and checked the radiograph, the surgeon showed me and explained that the bone was completely restored. Seeing the result, I was very excited, especially after I felt the positive emotions that I experienced: sincere joy coming from the heart.
In the end, I would like to say that I am very pleased that there are doctors in Moldova with such human qualities, with such a sensitive attitude towards patients and with exceptional professionalism.
Author: Dorina Arsene

Publication date: 24.07.2019 12:56


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