Lezione di salute dentale gratuita e tanti regali per i bambini

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Diplomas, gifts, as well as a lot of useful information about the proper oral care for the prevention of dental disorders were received by children from the Center for Social Resources “The House in which I feel like a child” from the village of Taraclia, Kaushansky district.

About 60 children from socially vulnerable single-parent families, in extreme poverty or from families in which one or both parents abuse alcohol, received a free lesson on proper strengthening on Saturday, September 14, the need for proper dental care, as well as harmful effects various food and drinks on the teeth.

The information was provided to children in an interactive mode in the form of a presentation and demonstration by a group of students, USMF residents “Nicolae Testemitanu” and employees of the Omni Dent dental clinic under the supervision of university professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Dmitry Syrbu (Kirill Volok, Evelina Korchimar, Mikhail Coade , Dmitry Nuke, Adrian and Felicia Badareu, Galina Panush, Daniel Syrbu, Doina Syrbu, Kathleen Chyuklya, project coordinator Dorina Arseni).

The event is part of the information campaign "Dentist - a friend of children", organized by the dental clinic "Omni Dent" in conjunction with the Department of Dentistry of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy. Nicholas Testemitanu, which will last until December 2019 and will be reported to 2,000 children.

“If you want to be happy, you have to make someone happy. Thus, we decided to visit the children from the Center “Home, where I feel like a child”, in order to offer them a little support in their development. The attention that we want to draw to the population in connection with the need for proper and regular dental care is a priority that we intend to signal to the kids in the first place, and their positive emotions, smiles and curious eyes convince us that we welcome. ”, - said the head doctor of the Omni Dent Dental Clinic Dmitry Syrbu.

With a thank-you message, the director of the Center “The House Where I Feel Like a Child”, Stepanova Veronika, came. “We are very pleased with your presence, and we are very grateful to you for the information that you provided to both children and adults - new and useful things. Of course, today they will be much more responsible about their teeth. At the same time, we thank you for prizes and gifts. ”

“It was a long-awaited event, necessary with very important informative content, both for children who visit the Center, and also for their parents, because they are socially vulnerable families and do not have the opportunity to inform themselves individually.” It is also worth noting the warm “The friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the group of doctors who performed this work,” said Uliana Bokancha, representative of the Village Museum in the village of Taraclia.

The campaign began in the village of Taraclia, the hometown of the surgeon Dumitru Syrbu. The mayor, director of the Health Center in the sector, as well as several members attended the event as a sign of great respect.

"We are extremely happy and proud that we have a very famous countryman, a person who weighs every word well and listens carefully to our needs, supporting us in various projects." It’s a great honor for Taraclia to have such a citizen as Dumitriya Sîrbu, ”said Vladimir Kucheryavy, Mayor of Taraclia, after he was awarded an Honorary Diploma for outstanding services in the socio-economic development of the village of the surgeon Dumitru Sîrbu.

Children received gifts from the organizers and partners of the campaign: an information booklet with detailed information about proper oral care, information stickers, monsters with toothpaste, certificates and diplomas, as well as their teachers received notebooks, books, pens, water for mouth and dental floss from Sensodyne, Paradontax and Bredent Moldova.

In gratitude, the children presented the organizers with drawings, as well as a small show - a pleasant surprise.

Similarly, Dumitri Syrbu, the initiator of the information campaign, gave the Center for Social Resources a gift.

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