I giornalisti degli ambasciatori della salute moldavi al primo simposio di The Balkan Society of Dentistry, Iasi

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 The cultivation of dental education is a priority of the dentists at the "Omni Dent" Dental Clinic. The experience, besides the daily activity, the trainings, the exchange of experience with specialists from other countries, the hundreds of books read, sum up the good reputation of a recognized specialist.

With pride and admiration, with respect and confidence, we mention about the rich experience in this regard, of the gold-maxillofacial surgeon, doctor of medicine Dumitru Sîrbu, who by his perseverance and accuracy with the well done work urges the young specialists to follow his path. .
In this context, his doctoral student, Stanislav Strîșca, one of the hopes of modern medicine in the field of surgery, together with other disciples of the surgeon Sirbu attended the end of last week at various scientific conferences.
PhD student Strîca participated with an oral communication, with the theme: "Virtual planning and simulation in orthognathic surgery" at the first symposium of the Balkan Society of Dentistry (BaSS) with the theme: "Evolution in Medicine. It was digital in current medical practice ”, held in Iasi, November 7-9, 2019.
Professor Sorin Andrian and Prof. Irina Zetu, moderators of the conference and oral communications section, highly appreciated the presentation of the doctor Strîșca, mentioning the good relations between countries and the importance of the experience exchange of doctors of different specialties referring to the conclusion of surgery and orthodontics.
The BaSS symposium brought together representatives of the Professional Associations from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey, as well as Boards of the International Prestigious Organizations in the field of Dental Medicine.
The program of the event included 40 conferences, held by speakers from Romania and abroad, over 100 oral communications and 40 posters, workshops and postgraduate courses.
The following day, already in Chisinau, several disciples of the university lecturer Dumitru Sîrbu spoke about their experience with an oral communication at the annual scientific conference of the young specialists of the IMSP IMU "Performances and Perspectives in the medical-surgical emergencies" consecrated of science for peace and development.
Thus, PhD student Stanislav Strîca presented a report on the topic: "Virtual surgical planning in the treatment of mandibular abnormalities".
With an impressive presentation, Alexandru Ghețiu also came to the topic: "Osteotomy Le Forte I in the bone reconstruction of the upper jaw", as well as scientific coordinator, the doctor in medical sciences Dumitru Sîrbu.
At the same scientific conference he presented a part of the diploma paper and the doctoral student Aşexandr Mighic with the theme: “Treatment of maxillary sinusitis of odontogenic origin. The role of the etiological factor ”.
In the end, the rapporteurs were rewarded with a participation diploma.
"The life of a modern doctor is not only shaped by the clinical activity, but also by the scientific activity in which they are concerned with self-training, the study of new methods, research and innovation, of course all for the benefit of patients, the country, but also to promote good reputation of "Nicolae Testemitanu" University of Medicine in Chisinau ". Although the scientific work is less promoted, in fact, this component is an integral part of a renowned physician. Thus, this titanic work, sleepless nights, will subsequently bring rich fruits in the medical activity represented by performing operations ”, declared the doctor Sîrbu.
Автор: Dorina Arsene
12.11.2019 16:14