Capodanno, 2019, del team della clinica dentale «Omni Dent»

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  3. Capodanno, 2019, del team della clinica dentale «Omni Dent»

 Much fun and good cheer, special wishes and prizes are just some moments that can be described about the revelation party of the dental clinic "Omni Dent". We celebrated beautifully together and mentioned about the enormous effort we have made throughout the year in the desire to be better for you.

It was a year full of achievements, successes of the whole group and of each individual colleague. We are happy for the successes of 2019, due in large part to our patients for whom we work daily. Thank you very much for letting us take care of your health.
In addition to the basic activity, we managed to participate in dozens of conferences and congresses, to be part of international projects, but also to carry out our own national campaign on oral cavity care for children. The successful activity has given us a stronger impetus to think about new projects for the benefit of our society and to contribute to the prevention of diseases and the maintenance of health and quality of life. This is possible because of your encouragement, support, advice and involvement (colleagues, patients, friends).
Dear colleagues, thank you for your effort and dedication. You are a wonderful team.
We take pride in you!
Thus, we will celebrate the passing of years with family members, including January 1 and 2, 2020, but also January 7 and 8, according to the calendar of holidays and holidays approved by the Government, the dental clinic "Omni Dent" will be closed, these being declared non-working holiday days.
Happy Holidays with your loved ones!!!
Dumitru Sîrbu, chief physician at the "Omni Dent" Dental Clinic
31.12.2019 00:45