I dentisti bessarabiani parlano al Congresso UNAS 2019 in Romania

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 A delegation of dentists from the Republic of Moldova participated, even more, as speakers and offered from their rich experience to Romanian doctors in the Congress of UNAS 2019.

For one day, on October 5, 2019, the team of collaborating dentists of the USMF "Nicolae Testemitanu" held scientific conferences: Professor Valentin Topalo, Professor Valeriu Burlacu, lecturer Dumitru Sîrbu and oral communications: Alexandr Mighic, Alexandru Ghețiu, Elvira Topalo, Stanislav Strîșca, accompanied by participants in the congress and co-authors in scientific reports: Chiril Voloc, Evelina Corcimari, Vadim Popovici.
The participation of Professor Valentin Topalo in the Conference brought a high degree of importance to the event, due to his rich experience. The results of the Conference presented by Mr. Topalo "The formation of the intra-implant peri-implant bone at the implantation of the implants by crestal approach without flap and without the use of augmentation materials" implies a research of this method for 10 years. "This method deserves to be implemented in practice with a special training of dentists and this experience I shared with colleagues in Romania," said Professor Topalo.
As well as the other presentations, they were highly appreciated and highly applauded by the audience. Theme: "Repositioning the inferior alveolar vascular bundle in the implant-prosthetic rehabilitation" presented by the gold-maxillofacial surgeon, lecturer Dumitru Sîrbu, aroused a great interest and provoked further discussion.
The doctor Dumitru Sîrbu presented the result of the alternative method of implant-prosthetic rehabilitation of patients edible to the jaw with pronounced atrophy, a study carried out over a period of 10 years. Dumitru Sîrbu showed that this method is a less invasive one with advantages that can replace bone growth methods that are much more traumatic, longer and have a more reserved prognosis, but to practice the method requires professional skills and a rich surgical experience.
"At this congress I participated with great pleasure at the invitation of Mrs. Professor Rodica Luca, a valuable specialist, from whom we still have much to learn, recognized and appreciated for her outstanding human qualities. I bring a sincere thank you for giving us the opportunity to express ourselves and share the experience of a Bessarabian school, namely a minimally invasive concept supported by our mentor Mr. Valentin Topalo, a concept that is reflected in all the reports supported by him. to him, but also to his disciples. Continuing the same tradition and my doctoral students (Alexandr Mighic, Alexandru Gheţiu, Stanislav Stîșca) presented the fruit of their work under the same minimally invasive aspects that are reflected on a treatment with a minimal morbidity, a favorable prognosis and an early rehabilitation of the patients ”, mentioned the surgeon Dumitru Sîrbu.
The doctor at the "Omni Dent" Dental Clinic Stanislav Strîșca impressed the audience with the presentation of the theme "Virtual planning of gnato-surgical interventions". "The international conferences offer the opportunity to exchange experience in the field, at the same time we gain new knowledge that we use in daily practice. For me, this experience is a pleasant and welcome one, "mentioned the resident OMF surgery doctor, doctoral student at the OMF Department of Surgery and Oral Implantology" Arsenie Guțan ".
"Surgical treatment of maxillary sinusitis of odontogenic origin" is the topic of oral presentation of the gold-maxillofacial surgeon Alexandru Mighic under the leadership of the lecturer Dumitru Sîrbu. "The presentation is a meticulous research based on the meta-analysis of more than 200 articles and the own treatment experience of the respective patients for 5 years," said doctoral student Mighic.
Another disciple of Mr. Dumitru Sîrbu is also the gold-maxillofacial surgeon, doctoral student Alexandru Gheţiu, who presented at the Congress the theme: "Morbidity analysis of donor areas for bone graft harvesting in the reconstruction of alveolar ridges". The audience's enthusiasm and subsequent discussions encouraged and supported the speaker to be even more motivated in their daily work and to bring as many smiles to their patients as possible.
The doctor Elvira Topalo presented the topic: "Intraoperative microbial contamination of the intra-implant space and its consequences during the osseointegration". "Research has shown that microbial contamination is possible in the implant installation process. The presence of blood inside the implant favors the multiplication of microbes and their toxins that can initiate and maintain an inflammatory process in the peri-implant tissues. Filling this space with an antibacterial substance has suppressed the development of microbes more than 3 times, which has led to an improvement in the prognosis of treatment in perspective ”, said Elvira Topalo with reference to the results of his research.
Another exhibition that kept the public with interesting ideas and contemporary methods of dental treatment is the topic presented by Professor Valeriu Burlacu, "The golden rule in the direct restoration of teeth masticators". A personality who has outstanding achievements in his record, maintaining the high level of modern dentistry in our
The UNAS 2019 Congress "Dentistry between the classical and the modern" took place on October 2-5, 2019 in Bucharest, Romania.
Author: Dorina Arsene


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