Ambasciatori della salute della clinica odontoiatrica «Omni Dent» per visitare gli studenti del liceo «Step by Step»

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 A team of dentists from the "Omni Dent" Dental Clinic can rightly be considered as Health Ambassadors, because they promote the most accurate way of treating the oral cavity. Doctors weekly urge children from different high schools, but also those in kindergarten to take care of their teeth and to clean them twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

With such a message, but also many other tips, the dental practitioners brought Thursday, October 10 to the students from the "Pas cu Pas" high school, but also to the children from the kindergarten in the same institution.
The children presented enthusiasm, curiosity, sincerity and much interest, but they also understood that the dentist can be a good friend of the children, because they come to offer the most accurate advice and help them to prevent certain problems or if they want to come to the doctor only to have a check-up visit.
The event is part of the information campaign "Dentist - child's friend", organized by the dental clinic "Omni Dent" in collaboration with the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu", which will last until December, 2019 and will informs 2000 children.
Cătălina Ciuclea, dentist, one of the Health Ambassadors, says she is living a pleasant experience. "The opportunity to be with children is a new challenge for me, outside the dental office. I am very happy when I inspire interest, trust and kindness and as a result I see their sincere smile. The practical lesson can be easily learned by the small patients, the games, the demonstrations, the brushing techniques carried out with them and of course the gifts offered motivate the children to remove the fear of the dentist. "
"Going to different schools I met very active and eager children to prove their knowledge about dental hygiene. The answers offered by children after our presentation are often beyond our expectations. I think for them it was not only a pleasant and useful experience, but also a substantial factor to take more care of their oral health, "said Adrian Bădărău, a student at the USMF dental school "Nicolae Testemitanu".

The team of resident doctors, students of the USMF "Nicolae Testemitanu" and dentists from the "Omni Dent" dental clinic, guided by the university lecturer, doctor in medical sciences, Dumitru Sîrbu, who gave the free lesson at the "Pas cu Pas" high school : Chiril Voloc, Evelina Corcimari, Mihai Coadă, Dumitru Nucă, Adrian Bădărău, Galina Panuș, Cătălina Ciuclea, Pavel Marusev, project coordinator Dorina Arsene.
The students received gifts from the organizers and the campaign partners: information booklet with details on the proper care of the oral cavity, informational stickers, a schedule in which they note the frequency of tooth brushing, toothpaste monsters, Diplomas, but also their teachers received notebooks, mouthwash and dental floss from Sensodyne, Paradontax and Bredent Moldova.
We mention that this is the fourth high school where the campaign "Stomatologist - the friend of the children" was carried out.
Author: Dorina Arsene


17.10.2019 17:26