I relatori del 5 Forum SKY fast & fixed hanno impressionato la delegazione di «Omni Dent»

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 A delegation of dentists from the "Omni Dent" Dental Clinic returned to the country with new ideas, new working methods, pleasant impressions from the fifth edition of the specialists' forum for immediate loading of dental implants (5th SKY fast & fixed Forum). True to Bredent Group values, the representatives of Bredent medical Romania organized this great event in Iași, on November 15, 16.

The 34 speakers of the event are leaders and successful role models. They are recognized and respected within the medical community as professional and innovative leaders in their field of activity.
Held in a format that allowed questions to be addressed to the speakers, we presented the latest ideas and solutions exemplified with different clinical cases, some of them monitored during the last 12 years. The event was addressed equally to dentists and dental technicians.
Our colleagues were impressed by the good organization of the event, by the rich information presented by the specialists who spoke enthusiastically, with dedication, with dedication and love towards human suffering, with the modern treatment methods that can be performed for the benefit of patients. The delegation was formed by the director of the "Omni Dent" Dental Clinic, Viorica Sîrbu, the chief doctor of the Clinic, the gold-maxillofacial surgeon, Dumitru Sîrbu and the orthopedic doctor, Vadim Popovici, accompanied by the young specialists Mihail and Mihaela Rotaru and Dumitru Nucă.
"Most people do things because they are needed - innovators do things of their own free will" is a statement made by Professor Peter Brehm, General Manager of the Bredent Group, at the opening of the forum.
"In our vision Professor Peter Brehm is not the man of Germany, but by his love of the work he has done, the multilateral involvement in the field of dentistry both in different branches of this field and the meticulousness of the scientific studies carried out in different scientific laboratories makes him the man of the world - a man with the world but from God ”, mentioned the doctor of medicine, Dumitru Sîrbu.
Moldovan doctors participated in this forum at the invitation of Bredent Moldova and staff of Vitalie Ciobanu. "We thank Mr. Ciobanu for his good cooperation and kindness that he shows every time and for the support provided to all our projects. We also want to thank the organizers, in particular Prof. Peter Brehm, Florin Obadan, representative of Bredent Romania, but also to the whole team who worked so carefully and meticulously on every detail to make us feel good.
Certainly, the knowledge gained at the 5th SKY fast & fixed Forum will be applied in our clinic, for our patients, but also open new horizons not only for the curative but also for the didactic, scientific activity within the USMF, "Nicolae Testemitanu" , Mentioned the chief doctor, Dumitru Sîrbu.
Author: Dorina Arsene
19.11.2019 18:32