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  3. Nuovo seminario presso la clinica «Omni Dent» al Congresso ImplantoDays di Chisinau 2019

 At the end of last week we witnessed a high-class educational event - the ImplantoDays Chisinau Congress 2019, where 10 sound names - renowned readers from the Republic of Moldova and from abroad participated.

The organizers of the second edition of the Congress aim to support the education in oral implantology and have held representative courses and workshops for the development of professional competences.
In this context, one of the speakers was the doctor in medical sciences, the university lecturer, the chief physician of the "Omni Dent" Dental Clinic Dumitru Sîrbu.
The workshop with the theme: "Lateralization / Transposition (repositioning) of the inferior alveolar vasculonervous bundle", supported by Professor Sîrbu, took place in the premises of the "Omni Dent" Clinic, which he conducts with his wife, Viorica Sîrbu. In addition to the theoretical part that involves the detailed, stepped rendering of the problem addressed, the workshop program also included the practical one in which the surgeon Sîrbu performed a LIVE operation.
The theme was presented at the highest level, and the speaker with excellent communication and teaching skills delighted the audience with his calmness and enviable professionalism. His generous attitude to every detail, his kindness and willingness to share his knowledge, the kindness with which he explained the clinical case, emphasized, once again, his inner power.
"Medicine is a science and philosophy that interwoven with the love of the patient brings good results. We, the doctors, are here to improve the condition of each patient, to share health sheets and to leave a mark in the history of modern medicine. In our turn, the good practices taken over, the fact that we share our experience is an added value to what we are, and the satisfaction of the soul comes from the successes obtained, from the hard work performed daily, ”said the surgeon Dumitru Sîrbu.
The series of messages of appreciation found their place quickly on the social networks after the award of diplomas by Professor Dumitru Sîrbu and the conclusion of the Workshop at the Dental Clinic "Omni Dent".
Ioana Ciumac wrote: “Respect and sincere thanks to Mr. Doctor, Professor Dumitru Sîrbu. Exceptional professional and man of rare kindness and good sense! May the good God continue to empower you and send you health and light! Through people like Moldova, he is still alive !!! "
The ImplantoDays conference was organized by Gursk Medica Moldova. "We sincerely thank the team for the good organization and conduct of this important event for the medical world and we will further support the advanced projects that are so welcome," said the chief physician of the "Omni Dent" Dental Clinic.
The conference on Saturday, November 23, highlighted not only the level of contemporary dentistry in our country, but also made the most of the young specialists, among whom most of Dr. Dumitru Sîrbu's disciples.
Good organization, encouragement for lifelong learning, ability to motivate people and a strong desire to change something for good are just some of the most important qualities that represent the mentor of his students, Dumitru Sîrbu and, in fact, the most important ones. instruct him to follow his path. Always present at various conferences and congresses both in the country and abroad, applying in practice everything that he is learning is what differentiates him from other young specialists - a practice accumulated by his teacher.
Author: Dorina Arsene
28.11.2019 19:01