Ambasciatori di salute della clinica odontoiatrica «Omni Dent» trascorsi in abiti incoraggianti degli studenti del liceo «Socrate»

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  3. Ambasciatori di salute della clinica odontoiatrica «Omni Dent» trascorsi in abiti incoraggianti degli studenti del liceo «Socrate»

 The team of dentists from the "Omni Dent" Dental Clinic, considered really, Health Ambassadors were dressed in applause by the students of the "Socrates" high school at the end of the free dental hygiene lesson.

Careful and very curious, well-educated and well-organized, the students of the 3rd and 4th grades of the "Socrate" high school were impressed by the information presented and the examples offered, by the exercises done together with the dentists and the students from the USMF "Nicolae Testemitanu".
"The activity carried out at the" Socrate "high school by the doctors from the" Omni Dent "dental clinic, in the person of the chief doctor, Dumitru Sîrbu and the students of the" Nicolae Testemitanu "University of Medicine and Pharmacy had a significant impact on the students as well as to their parents. The high school administration as well as the teachers thank the project coordinator Dorina Arsene and Vioricăi Sîrbu, the director of the "Omni Dent" clinic for the idea of ​​such a project in order to train and develop the correct attitude of the children towards their own health. Such activities with other educational partners who come to support the educational-educational process are highly appreciated. Together we will succeed in convincing the new generation that we are really interested in their good growth, we will restore confidence and parents that their children are in "good hands", said Svetlana Miron, IV-B class teacher, chair of the department at Socrates High School.
Also involved and receptive were the parents of the students, who came with a message of thanks. "Sincere thanks to the" Omni Dent "Dental Clinic for the unique idea of ​​being closer to children by bringing them messages and practical examples about dental hygiene. It is through this means of communication that we can overcome the fear of the doctor and become a good friend. Following the visit to the "Socrates" high school, the students of the IV-B class were impressed with the information gathered and promise to apply it in their daily lives. Only by applying the rules of hygiene from childhood can I become an adult with perfect teeth, ”said Cristina, the mother of pupil Leonard Andrieș-Sirețan, a student in the IV-B class.
The team of resident doctors, students of the USMF "Nicolae Testemitanu" and dentists from the "Omni Dent" dental clinic guided by the university lecturer, doctor in medical sciences, Dumitru Sîrbu, who gave the free lesson in the information campaign "Stomatologist - the friend of the children ”at the“ Socrate ”high school are: Mihai Coadă, Dumitru Nuca, Adrian Bădărău, Galina Panuș, Pavel Marusev, Evelina Corcimari, Chiril Voloc, Cătălina Ciuclea, project coordinator Dorina Arsene.
In the context, the dentist, Cătălina Ciuclea, specified that the lesson was interesting, and the children easily assimilated the subject matter. "Curious fact that many of those present were informed about proper care of the oral cavity. Our dialogue started "like the book", the children being part of discussions, games, analysis of experiments, simulation of brushing techniques. In the end, some also gave an interview, emitting an aura full of positive emotions and innocence. It's a delight to interact with them every time, ”said doctor Ciuclea.
The students received gifts from the organizers and the campaign partners: information booklet with details about the proper care of the oral cavity, informational stickers, a schedule in which they note the frequency of tooth brushing, toothpaste monsters, Diplomas, but also their teachers received notebooks, mouthwash and dental floss from Sensodyne, Paradontax and Bredent Moldova.
We mention that this is the sixth high school where the campaign "Stomatologist - the friend of the children" was carried out. To date, around 1200 children have been informed about the proper care of the oral cavity.
Author: Dorina Arsene
06.12.2019 16:25