Chi ha messo la plastilina colorata sul dente di un bambino?«Il dentista - l'amico dei bambini»

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  3. Chi ha messo la plastilina colorata sul dente di un bambino?«Il dentista - l'amico dei bambini»

 100 happy and sincere eyes from the "Poienița Picilor" kindergarten looked very enthusiastically at the presentation of dentists about the proper care of the oral cavity. Interested in the ones presented, the examples provided, the children answered all the doctors' questions.

When asked if they went to the dentist, many of them responded positively invoking various situations. According to them, the option means colored plasticine, and the doctor's consultation - a pleasant meeting.
To the question: "the dentist is your friend"?, The children answered that he is a good friend, because he gives them gifts and does not cause pain.
The free lesson took place within the information campaign "The dentist - the friend of the children" conceived and supported by the chief physician of the dental clinic "Omni Dent", the gold-maxillofacial surgeon, Dumitru Sîrbu in collaboration with the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu".
The team of resident doctors, students of the USMF "Nicolae Testemitanu" and dentists from the "Omni Dent" dental clinic guided by the university lecturer, doctor in medical sciences, Dumitru Sîrbu, those who gave the free lesson are: Mihai Coada, Dumitru Nuca, Adrian Bădărău, Galina Panuș, Chiril Voloc, project coordinator Dorina Arsene.
The students received gifts from the organizers and the campaign partners: information booklet with details on the proper care of the oral cavity, informational stickers, a schedule in which they note the frequency of tooth brushing, toothpaste monsters, Diplomas, but also their educators received notebooks, mouthwash and dental floss from Sensodyne, Paradontax and Bredent Moldova.
Author: Dorina Arsene
20.12.2019 14:56