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Highly qualified specialists will help you solve any problem in the field of orthopedic, therapeutic, surgical and pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, implantology, radiology.
Sîrbu Dumitru
Sîrbu Dumitru Medical director
Doctor of Medical Sciences
Associate Professor at the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu"
Oro-maxillo-facial surgery specialist
Sîrbu Viorica
Sîrbu Viorica Administrative manager
Caldarari Stanislav
Caldarari Stanislav Dentist
Chirurg oro-maxilo-facial
Al-Haj Fathi
Al-Haj Fathi Dentist
Oro-maxillo-facial surgeon
Eni Stanislav
Eni Stanislav Dentist
Dento-alveolar surgeon
Voloc Kiril
Voloc Kiril Dentist
Dento-alveolar surgeon
Nuca Dumitru
Nuca Dumitru Dentist
Roman Iurie
Roman Iurie Dentist
Ciuclea Catalina
Ciuclea Catalina Orthodontic dentist
Mighic Victor
Mighic Victor Dentist
Valentin Bejan
Valentin Bejan Dentist
Oleg Uzun
Oleg Uzun Dentist
Terentieva Maria
Terentieva Maria Dentist
Evelina Corchimari
Evelina Corchimari Dentist
Ana Cercel
Ana Cercel Dentista
Svetlana Grec
Svetlana Grec Dentista
Bostan Cristina
Bostan Cristina Dentista
Angela Plamadeala
Angela Plamadeala Medic stomatolog pedodont
Snejana Gorceac
Snejana Gorceac Medic stomatolog pedodont
Daniel Sîrbu
Daniel Sîrbu Dentista
Dumitru Gheorghiev
Dumitru Gheorghiev Dentista
Augustin Braiescu
Augustin Braiescu Tehnician dentar
Dinu Cretu
Dinu Cretu Tehnician dentar
Olga Glinschi
Olga Glinschi anesthesiologist reanimatologist
Elena Mardari
Elena Mardari anesthesiologist reanimatologist
Ruslana Vasileac
Ruslana Vasileac Medical assistant
Covrig Varvara
Covrig Varvara Medical assistant
Antoniciuc Liudmila
Antoniciuc Liudmila Medical assistant
Lungu Valentina
Lungu Valentina Medical assistant
Silvia Placinta
Silvia Placinta Asistent medical
Nadejda Covileac
Nadejda Covileac Medical assistant
Svetlana Zavtoni
Svetlana Zavtoni Medical assistant
Daria Gorea
Daria Gorea Medical assistant
Nadejda Caras
Nadejda Caras Asistent medical
Dorina Arsene
Dorina Arsene PR Manager
Doina Sirbu
Doina Sirbu Office manager
Osipov Olga
Osipov Olga Office manager
Marina Bordian
Marina Bordian Office manager
Colesnicova Olga
Colesnicova Olga contabil șef
Ignatov Aliona
Ignatov Aliona Infirmiera
Valentina Balan
Valentina Balan Infirmiera
Lilia Suruceanu
Lilia Suruceanu Infirmiera
Galina Barcari
Galina Barcari Infirmiera

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