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Treatment of teeth and oral cavity is a set of measures aimed at the preservation and long-term maintaining of the teeth, as well as the removal of gum and oral cavity diseases. Prophylaxis of dental disease helps to prevent the emergence and development of oral diseases. As it is known, the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. At the Omni Dent Clinic a full range of treatment and prevention services is provided.

We are engaged in the treatment of caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, cystic disease and diseases of the oral mucosa and parodentium. We conduct such types of prophylactic measures as fissure sealing, professional teeth cleaning, removal of dental plaques, fluoride coating for the teeth, teaching dental hygiene, and select special items and hygiene products on an individual basis.

Care of dental pulp

The devitalization or endodontic treatment, is necessary when the tooth is compromised by a deep cavity or because of the result of trauma that has caused a fracture or deep crack.
The Omni Dent Dental Centre performs endodontic treatments aimed at removing only the damaged dental pulp, saving the remaining part of the tooth. Our dentists perform complete tooth devitalization only when necessary.

Conservative endodontic therapy

Endodontic therapy allows allow the devitalization of the tooth to be avoided, preserving the dental element. This therapy aims to preserve teeth that have received serious damage to their structure but that are still firmly rooted.
The dentists of the Omni Dent  Dental Centre are in continuous professional training, allowing them to learn the best orthodontic techniques. Thanks to the personalised treatments available, we will find the right solution even for the most complex cases.