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Children's dentistry

Many of our older patients say they wished they had looked after their teeth better when they were younger. Don’t let your children make the same mistake – you have the ability to give them the best start in life. Shockingly, a quarter of five-year-olds in Moldova have tooth decay, with an average of three or four teeth affected per child. What’s especially sad is that all of these cases could have been preventable. By implementing good oral hygiene, restricting excessive sugar and attending regular dental appointments, you can set your child up with healthy teeth and gums for life.

We carry out treatments following a thorough consultation and examination. We will provide your child’s regular dental examinations to keep their teeth healthy throughout their childhood – these will usually take place every six months, but we will provide tailored advice depending on what your child needs.

Did you know that babies need their mouths cleaned, from the day they are born? Or that children may need interceptive orthodontics soon after their first permanent teeth come in, around age seven? Are you aware that hormone changes in teens can contribute to gum disease? At «Omni Dent», we provide children’s dentistry and partner with parents to take great care of kids’ teeth, from infancy through teenage years, into adulthood. If you’re a parent or caregiver, call us to schedule your children’s dental visits today.

The First Checkup

Babies should visit us after their first tooth erupts, so we can evaluate their mouth. Perhaps equally important to the oral exam, this first visit allows a little one to become familiar with our office. By attending early childhood checkups, your child will feel comfortable with the facility and the team as he grows.

At an initial checkup, you’ll sit in the dental chair with your child in your lap. The doctor will take a quick peek inside the child’s mouth and ask you a few questions. We’ll laugh and have fun, while setting a foundation for great dental visits in the future.

In addition, we’ll talk about teeth brushing and nutrition for your baby or toddler. If you have any questions, please ask. You should use a non-fluoridated toothpaste and baby toothbrush twice a day to clean your child’s teeth at home. Around age 3, children can begin using fluoride toothpaste as long as he spits it out periodically while brushing. Parents must continue cleaning their children’s teeth until the age of six or older, at which time the parent must still make sure that the child does a good job and keeps up with twice-a-day brushing and daily flossing.

Dental Cleanings for Kids

Around age four or five, a child usually has the patience to sit still during x-rays and a dental cleaning. If you’re unsure of how your child will react to a cleaning, let us know when you book the appointment. We will work with you for the best results, though we can refer you to a pediatric dentist if necessary. Our entire staff loves working with children, and you might be surprised at how much your child enjoys his six-month dental checkups and cleanings.

Restorative Dental Care

While preventive checkups and cleanings, supplemented with daily dental care at home, go a long way toward thwarting cavities, sometimes kids need restorative dentistry. If your child is familiar with the dental office and trusts our team, visits for restorative fillings and crowns should run smoothly. At home, talk about dental visits in a positive light. Never mention shots, drills, or pain. Often, apprehensive children develop fear of the dentist because of ideas presented by parents, family, and friends.

Should your little one sustain a chipped permanent tooth, we may not need to place a dental crown. Composite bonding often provides sufficient restoration. We will replace the bonding as necessary, as the child’s tooth grows. Later in life, you may opt for a crown or veneer as a more permanent solution for the damaged tooth.

Dental Tips for Parents

When your child’s back teeth develop, we will probably suggest dental sealants to create a barrier against bacteria that cause tooth decay. Fluoride supplements also help prevent decay.

Adolescents and teens need encouragement to maintain good daily oral care habits and healthy nutrition. Try to limit your kids’ intake of sugary foods and sweets, including energy and sports drinks. Water is best! It hydrates without adding calories, while also cleaning the mouth. Gum chewing is not bad, as long as you select a sugarless gum. Varieties with the natural sweetener xylitol actually help fight tooth decay. Continue checking your child’s brushing and flossing through the adolescent years.

Changes in hormones during the teen years may contribute to gum disease, which we can diagnose at six-month visits. If your child has sore, red gums or chronic bad breath, or if her gums bleed when she brushes, she may have gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. In the later teen years, the dentist may want to discuss wisdom teeth extraction with you.

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