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Simply put, anesthesia is the use of medications to create a temporary loss of feeling or consciousness. Every day, dentists use local anesthesia to “numb” their patients for dental procedures. Although this is adequate for most patients, some patients simply cannot tolerate dental work in this fashion. This may be due to factors such as age or maturity, medical issues, anxiety or fear, extensive dental treatment needs, or an inability to cooperate.

Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia offers the full spectrum of anesthesia options for our patients with a focus on your safety. This is what sets us apart from other so called “sleep dentists.” Our Dentist Anesthesiologists deliver a full spectrum of anesthesia options, including general anesthesia. They create a tailored anesthesia plan for you with full understanding of your health and the procedures you need.

Dental Anesthesiology / Dentist Anesthesiologist

At Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia, our anesthesiologists are dentist anesthesiologists, (sedation dentists).

Dental anesthesiology (or dental anaesthesiology also commonly known as “dental sedation”) is a dentistry specialty that deals with the management of pain through the use of advanced local and general anesthesia techniques. A dentist anesthesiologist is a dentist who has successfully completed an accredited postdoctoral anesthesiology residency training program for dentists, currently lasting three or more years, in accord with Commission on Dental Accreditation’s Standards for Dental Anesthesiology Residency Programs, and/or meets the eligibility requirements for examination.  

Such programs have extensive in-hospital and outpatient training, with dentist anesthesiologists training alongside their physician anesthesiologist colleagues. Dentist anesthesiologists use their advanced training to provide full-scope anesthesia for dentistry in an outpatient setting.