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Professional whitening

 Slf-confidence comes from the certainty that you are an appreciated person and you have an impeccable smile, that you easily get an answer to any question and you manage to excel in the field of activity.  

Over time, changes in both the body and the oral cavity can cause little psychological discomfort.
Either because of certain antibiotic treatments, or because of poor dental hygiene, because of smoking or excessive consumption of spices, drinks with the potential to stain teeth, such as red wine, coffee, dark teas, sour drinks, etc. or perhaps due to fracture of tooth enamel following an accident - mostly teeth are the first to suffer chromatic changes, often to darker shades. 
Depending on the personality, the yellowed appearance of the teeth can create a kind of distrust or moments of embarrassment. 
However, if you are not satisfied with the yellowed appearance of your teeth, you have noticed some pigments on their surface, then you should plan a visit to the esthetician and request a whitening procedure.  
Tooth whitening is one of the most common smile cosmetic surgeries, easy to apply, with visible and lasting results. Just a few precautions on your part and regular visits to the specialist, maintain a permanent white smile.
According to a theory accepted by most specialists, teeth whitening restores the natural color of teeth. Whitening does not affect the color of existing fillings, dental work or dentures. Prostheses can be whitened outside the oral cavity using a specific whitening agent (which is usually also used to clean prostheses).
The bleaching effect can last from a few months to several years and depends on the lifestyle of each patient. Regular oral hygiene and avoiding smoking or food pigments can prolong the whitening effect. 
The dental clinic "Omni Dent" has the most advanced German teeth whitening system "Fläsh" - the latest development of the company WHITEsmile, based on an experience of over 25 years in teeth whitening. The newly developed whitening lamp in this system offers an impressively fast teeth whitening result. With optimally designed accessories, the system offers maximum results of comfort and treatment. 
The essence of the method is the use and activation with the help of a special professional lamp of the gel, which contains oxygen, under the action of which the teeth whiten with 8-10 tones. In the process of photo bleaching, active oxygen oxidizes dark pigments.