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Oral implantology is part of the modern concept of recovery treatment for patients with dental conditions. Dental implantation is the surgery by which lost teeth are replaced with dental implants for oral rehabilitation. 
It is demonstrated by scientists that all dental implants can be fixed and adapted without difficulty in the oral cavity, being bio-compatible with the human body. 
Thanks to the implant-prosthetic treatment, patients benefit from functional and aesthetic restorations, considerably improving their health. 

What is a dental implant?

The dental implant is a metal device (titanium) in the shape of a screw, which replaces the root of a missing natural tooth. And it is screwed into the maxillary or mandibular bone without affecting the integrity of the other teeth.
Due to the biocompatibility of titanium, the dental implant integrates perfectly into the bone and thus becomes a stable and safe support for the future artificial tooth or for fixing a bridge, prosthesis or dental crowns.

Advantages of dental implant treatment

  1. Increases the quality of social life, increases self-confidence, through the psychological comfort offered;

  2. They allow the recovery of lost teeth while maintaining the health of the teeth adjacent to the edentulous;
  3. Improves mastication, phonation, physiognomy;
  4. Long implant life;
  5. Provides stability to prosthetic work;
  6. I'm easy to sanitize.

How is the dental implant cared for?

The dental implant is taken care of by a regular check-up once every 6 months at the dentist and by a strict hygiene: interdental brushing, mouth irrigation, dental floss. 

How long does a dental implant last?

Dental implants are meant to last a long time (20 years, even longer), provided they are properly cared for, and the patient goes to the office for professional hygiene.