Complete rehabilitation of the patient with mandibular ameloblastoma, the success of the team from the Department of OMF Surgery and Oral Implantology "Arsenie Guțan" and the Dental Clinic "Omni Dent"

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  3. Complete rehabilitation of the patient with mandibular ameloblastoma, the success of the team from the Department of OMF Surgery and Oral Implantology "Arsenie Guțan" and the Dental Clinic "Omni Dent"

 5 years ago, Tatiana Oală came to the “Omni Dent” Dental Clinic for a consultation, full of hope and with all the confidence that the oro-maxillo-facial surgeon , Dumitru Sîrbu , Ph.D. med., conf. univ. It will solve his dental problem.

At a significant distance from time, today, the patient speaks enthusiastically about her impressive experience. She is very grateful and grateful to the specialists for the professionalism, but also the change they managed to produce in her life. 
Before going to the "Omni Dent" Dental Clinic , Tatiana says that she never had problems with her teeth - " I thought I was healthy and I was living life to the fullest. In 2015, during a dental check-up, the doctor was very worried about the condition of the bone of my mandible, confirmed by the radiological image. I had no pain, no symptoms and I had no idea what would happen next ", says Tatiana Oală.
With all the fear of the unknown, with a problem that even in my darkest dreams I could not imagine, I started to consult with many dentists, but no one dared to treat me because it was a complex problem. But, when I understood that there is a very good specialist in the field, Dr. Dumitru Sîrbu, who was recommended by 6 other dentists, the hope that I would be treated and the desire to know him was very high. His colleagues have said firmly that he can treat such cases and he will certainly help me. 
Due to the fact that he was appreciated by other colleagues and recognized as a perfect specialist, I gained unconditional trust. I was very pleasantly surprised from the first moment we met because thanks to his professionalism he managed to convince me that together we will succeed. Step by step he explained to the patient's understanding (not in scientific language as other doctors are accustomed to) the route we will take. My biggest fear was the thought - if it is a malignant tumor (cancer) how will I overcome this confrontation of life ", Tatiana added. 
”The case of the patient Tatiana Oală is one of the many similar cases that are found in the oro-maxillo-facial region with an essential feature ( characteristic for various cystic formations and benign tumors ) that I want to emphasize because they have an asymptomatic evolution (not manifested by clinical symptoms) which leads to their increase in large size, creating difficulties in subsequent treatment. Thus, there is a logical recommendation for our population - addressing for routine medical examinations can prevent the appearance and evolution of oro-maxillo-facial pathologies. 
The patient, Tatiana Oală, was diagnosed with ameloblastoma in her left jaw. Ameloblastoma is a rare, benign tumor of odontogenic origin that has a slow growth, with a local invasiveness and an increased aggression that has an evolving risk of malignancy. The tumor is more aggressive than other tumors located in the oro-maxillo-facial region, generating important sequelae, both morpho-functional, aesthetic and psychological .  
The standard treatment consists in the block resection of the tumor at a distance of 1-2 cm in all planes within the limit of healthy bone tissue (safe space) to prevent recurrence. This intervention leaves a defect in the jaw, so it is necessary to perform bone reconstruction of the affected segment to preserve the functions of feeding and speech. Reconstruction can be done at the same time surgically or at a later time. Maxillary interventions that require excision of large areas of tissue require complex reconstructions and grafts or the use of special prostheses to cover the resulting defects. In the case of Tatiana Oală, the tumor was resected, which included the entire dental arch of the left mandible, with the restoration of the defect with a reconstructive titanium plate and autogenous bone graft from the helical ridge at the same time as surgery. Several surgeries to increase the supply of bone and soft tissue in preimplantation preparation followed. All surgeries took place in the Department of Oro-Maxillofacial Surgery at the Department of OMF Surgery and Oral Implantology "Arsenie Guțan ” from the Institute of Emergency Medicine , under general anesthesia, without consequences for the patient, due to the rich experience and professionalism of fellow anesthesiologists. The implant-prosthetic rehabilitation was performed in the “Omni Dent” Dental Clinic using modern technologies (the surgical template for the correct positioning of the implants) for implantation. The classic SKY implants from the Bredent company were used , and the prosthetic work was made of zirconium and ceramic ", mentioned the OMF surgeon, PhD, associate professor, Dumitru Sîrbu.    
"In 2016, after many investigations, the first surgery took place. I had great emotions, I was anxious, I was afraid of a negative result, but God took care of me and the whole team that participated in this extensive intervention. They "shaped" me more beautifully than Jennifer Lopez.

Then followed a difficult path. The recovery period was very difficult because I actually learned to eat like a baby again, it was complicated to talk without teeth, but also to walk. The psychological state suffered because it is very difficult to accept being a changed person. In addition to the fact that they were with me as doctors, Dr. Dumitru Sîrbu and Dr. Stanislav Strîșca were also good psychologists. They supported me, encouraged me, made me look beautiful again.  

After half a year in which I was practically toothless , Dr. Victor Mighic managed to amaze me with a perfect prosthesis. Who didn't know my problem didn't even tell the difference between natural and artificial teeth.

Every doctor in the " Omni Dent " team put his heart and soul into my treatment. They are exceptional professionals, valuable people and with a special focus on patients. I feel very lucky to have known them and I am grateful to them for overcoming this scale in my life, for managing to recharge my “batteries” with positive energy when I needed it, for listening to me when I felt I didn’t I can continue, that I had the best team of doctors with me. 

My family, my parents and of course the whole “ Omni Dent ” team were by my side all the time and this fact gave me the strength to fight on, not to give up and to be strong. I followed the motto "if God gave me this test, it means that I am stronger than others and I have to pass it".

With special appreciation, with deep respect, bowing to the ground, I would like to thank the entire team of specialists from " Omni Dent " Dr. Dumitru Sîrbu , Dr. Stanislav Strîșca and Dr. Victor Mighic . If we managed to see the positive end of my story is the perfect merit of the professionalism of doctors, the enormous desire to save the patient and of course the knowledge gained over many years of improvement and self-training. They are real "jewels" in the field of dentistry. My whole life will not be enough for me to be grateful to them ", concluded Tatiana Oală.


Author: Dorina ARSENE

22.07.2021 10:58