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 Our dear patients,

The reason why we decided to operate in a modern Clinic, better equipped and more spacious offices is to offer you more comfort and safety.
The quality of services in the medical field is constantly evolving, that's why we chose to keep up with the latest trends, but we assure you that the prices have not changed.
Our desire to become more valuable, to offer better conditions to our collective did not influence the prices of the services offered.
Certainly, the trust and good reputation obtained during the 11 years of activity cannot be compared to anything else, which is why we thank you and wait for you, with love, with us, the same doctors, the same prices.
Old prices in new conditions!!
With deep respect,
The administration of the "Omni Dent" dental clinic
Mircea cel Batrîn Blvd., 42
+ 373 (022) 606-101
 +373 795 79 654 (associate staff, Dumitru Sîrbu, MD)
 (+373) 67 606 110

24.10.2022 16:48