Patient successfully rehabilitated by a pathology rarely encountered in the oro-maxillo-facial region, by surgeon Dumitru Sîrbu

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 “ It all started with severe pain in the jaw area. Several days passed, and the pain did not subside, so I decided to contact the Institute of Emergency Medicine. I was immediately hospitalized, a specialist discovered a cyst in my problem area and, of course, an operation followed. 

The treatment period was difficult, and I spent a long time in the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery. During this period, I heard many words of praise and conversations, with satisfied patients treated by Dr. Dumitru Sirbu, a very kind person who works miracles with his heart and golden hands. Of course, this was my luck, because after a while my health condition deteriorated, I had a process of complete destruction of the lower jaw, and I turned to Dr. Sirbu 
, ”says Anna Popushoi.

Anna Popusha was diagnosed with an eosinophilic granuloma located on the lower jaw. This is a rare pathology of the maxillofacial region that affects the tissues. Treatment of this disease is usually surgical, to remove the pathological focus by scraping or partial resection of the affected bone, depending on the size of the destruction area and the aggressiveness of the pathological process.
The case of Anna Popusha's patient is complex, and several stages of treatment were required. “ Anna turned to a pathological fracture of the lower jaw that caused unbearable pain and asymmetry. Since this is a complex and varied case, we sent all her data for consultation to colleagues from Austria, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Romania, and together we worked out the correct treatment tactics. Several methods were discussed, but in the end we chose the method we proposed. I removed part of the lesion, replaced the rest of the plate with a reconstructive one, symmetrized and then inserted implants into the rest of the bone, and then replaced the temporary teeth with fixed ones. Everything happened in 3 years ” said Dumitru Sirbu, associate professor of the university, maxillofacial surgeon.

Turning to him, he investigated my problem in detail, behaving like a good specialist and like a person with a big soul. I was amazed, because in our time it is rare to meet such personalities. From the very beginning, this inspired me with confidence and security, and I knew that I was in good hands. 

I remember that the research took a long time to understand the problem of my pathology, I had a delicate problem with small teeth, I had a certain degree of disability.  
I am deeply grateful, because Mr. Dumitru focused on a deeper study compared to other specialists I approached, in the end he made the correct diagnosis. This was followed by a very difficult operation, both mentally and physically. A very small percentage of the bone over the entire surface of the mandible was retained and replaced with a metal plate.
Meanwhile, after rehabilitation, another problem arose, I lost all my teeth at the bottom. Mr. Sirbu, together with the entire team of the dental clinic "OMNI DENT", applied a temporary complex denture, which arose as a result of my painful condition. This prosthesis created a lot of difficulties for me, and the only other alternative was implantation. The financial situation was not the best, and I could not afford such an expensive intervention and, again, the boundless kindness of Dr. Sirbu said his word, he gave me an amazing gift on the eve of the winter holidays - an operation with 3 implants ”Anna recalls excitedly.
I really decided to make this charity gesture, because I believe that every person, if he can do good, can help someone in this, because this is our mission. In fact, I am grateful because the whole team agreed with me, and our friends from Bredent group Moldova , represented by Vitali Ciobanu, offered us dental implants  ”added the surgeon Dumitru Sirbu. 
“The operation took place on February 5, 2020, everything went well, and now I feel very good. Considering the work done and hard work, I can't even find the right words to thank Dr. Sirbu. Thanks to him, I smile, talk and feel satisfaction after everything I've been through” concluded Ana.
Autor: Dorina ARSENE
18.06.2021 19:17