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 Every year, on April 7, we mark World Health Day, a relevant reason to highlight the importance of prevention and maintaining health. This year, the theme announced by the World Health Organization is: "Health for all".

We, the medical team at the "Omni Dent" dental clinic, take care to bring back the smile of the patients, treating each case with great seriousness and involvement. Teamwork, good organization, modern technologies and high-quality equipment are the tools that help us succeed in quite complicated patient cases. 


At the same time, over the years, we take care to inform both the readers of our website
www.omnident.md , https://www.facebook.com/omnident.md the beneficiaries of our free campaigns that we often run, as well as all the patients who addresses in our clinic about the correct care of the oral cavity and the prophylaxis of diseases of the oro-maxillo-facial region. 

At the "Omni Dent" Clinic, we provide professional assistance in all dental fields: therapy, endodontics, pedodontics, orthopedics, orthodontics, periodontology and, in particular, dento-alveolar and oro-maxillo-facial surgery.
At the same time, specialist doctors are continuously improving themselves to be able to offer high quality services to all patients. Together with the university lecturer, Dumitru Sîrbu, the students, residents, PhD students are researching the minimally invasive methods so that the patient can be given medical assistance in a calm and pain-free atmosphere. 

The health problems in the oro-maxillo-facial region that are treated at the "Omni Dent" Dental Clinic are usually focused on those in the surgical field, thus, the most frequent surgical interventions performed are:  
🔵 Extraction operations of compromised teeth;
🔵 Atypical wisdom teeth extraction operations, including supernumerary ones (which did not erupt normally); 
🔵 Pre-prosthetic bone and soft tissue preparation operations (regularization of the alveolar ridge; exostises, toruses, hyperplasias, etc.);
🔵 Interventions at the level of the maxillary sinus of odontogenic origin (maxillary sinusitis, mucosal cysts, foreign bodies in the maxillary sinus) including closing the orosinusal communications; 
🔵 Operations to remove maxillary cysts and soft tissue cysts from the oro-maxillo-facial and cervical region; 
🔵 Operations to remove benign tumors at the level of hard and soft tissues in the oro-maxillo-facial and cervical region; 
🔵 Biopsy operations for the histological identification of tumors in the oro-maxillo-facial and cervical region; 
🔵 Operations to extirpate cutaneous, acquired and congenital mucosal fistulas in the oro-maxillo-facial and cervical region; 
🔵 Operations to remove foreign bodies from the oro-maxillo-facial and cervical region; 
🔵 Surgical processing of wounds in the oro-maxillo-facial and cervical region;  
🔵 Removal of scars from the oro-maxillo-facial and cervical region;   
🔵 Salivary gland operations (tumors, stones, cysts); 
🔵 Reduction of dislocation of the temporomandibular joint and treatment of TMJ pathology; 
🔵 Reduction of dental dislocation and treatment of alveolar process fractures; 
🔵 Treatment of fractures of the facial skeleton;
🔵 Orthodontic surgical treatment (orthodontic implants, dental extractions, frenum removal, periodontal recession, gingivoplasty, discovery of included teeth); 
🔵 Orthognathic surgical treatment in dentomaxillary anomalies;
🔵 Operations in periodontal surgery (curettage, flap operations, soft tissue transplants, vestibuloplasty);
🔵 Operations in endodontic surgery (apical resections, hemisections, root amputations);
🔵 Insertion operations of standard endosseous dental implants and alternative ones; 
🔵 Complex implant-prosthetic rehabilitations in difficult clinical situations accompanied by severe atrophy of the alveolar ridges of the jaws (the technique of using short, narrow, angled, nasal, pterygoid, zygomatic implants), the Fast and Fixed technique, all-on-4, all -on-6;
🔵 Operations to create bone supply (osteoplasties) in peri-implant preparation (autotransplantation, osteodistraction, sinus lifting, osteoplitting, guided bone regeneration, lateralization of the lower alveolar vascular bundle);
🔵 Implantoplasty operations or removal of compromised implants.

In conclusion, we urge you to take care of your health as much as possible and always adopt a healthy way of life, and in the situation where you have a pain, do not let it become a complication. Come to a medical dental consultation to make sure you are healthy. In essence, the Clinic's name comes from the Latin "omni" - everything for everyone - trust that our specialists can offer you quality services for any surgical procedure in safe conditions. 
06.04.2023 12:18