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Interceptive orthodontics for all to understand

 Recently, at our "Omni Dent" Clinic, little Evelina, 5 years old, was referred for a consultation, and the dental fairy detected a slight anomaly of the upper front teeth that were positioned protrusive (too far).

The parents, after 3 years of age of the little girl, noticed this change which leads to a less pleasant appearance of the face, and together with the dentist they were monitoring the evolution of the teeth. Thus, at the doctor's recommendation, they decided that from this age it is possible to intervene in the direction of the harmonious growth of the dental-maxillary apparatus.
The girl, after being explained in detail that it will be a pain-free procedure, accepted the work performed by the orthodontic doctor and all these to make it even more beautiful. Due to the modern and advanced technologies from our clinic, each procedure, both for children and for adults, is faster and easier to bear by patients.
The interception, also called the first phase of treatment, is a method by which the doctor can detect or guide the growth and development of the jaws with the help of orthodontic appliances. In essence, it is intended to correct in the early stage, the dento-maxillary anomalies from childhood.
Often, both parents and children may notice certain deviations such as:
- teeth that erupt in abnormal positions;
- spacing or clogging;
- supernumerary teeth;
- erased or prominent chin;
- oral breathing;
- early loss of milk teeth;
- the persistence of the finger or suckling habit after 6 years of age;
- difficulties in chewing, swallowing, phonation.
The range of deviations from the norm can be continued, however, we recommend parents to consult with the little ones more often for consultation with the orthodontic doctor, even in the case of the alleged deviations, which in fact may be missing. As the well-known saying goes: "we better prevent it than we treat it" and the visit to the orthodontic doctor can be an occasion of joy and joy in the situation of its exclusion.
The American Orthodontic Association recommends that the first orthodontic examination be performed before the age of 7, if there is a suspicion of orthodontic problems. Although the visits to the orthodontic doctor are considered to be made when permanent teeth appear, we consider that, if they are performed earlier, they can only bring benefits and one is the creation of a trust bridge between the child and the orthodontic doctor, who, in fact, he can be a good friend.
The care of the parents, the attention to the good development of the child is a concern that causes many to come regularly, after the age of 3 years, for consultation with the orthodontic doctor.
In fact, there is no well-established general rule and we cannot talk about a certain age, so it is the doctor who decides whether it is possible to apply an orthodontic device or it is too early.

One thing is for sure, in order to educate a healthy lifestyle and proper hygiene of your child it is necessary to consult with a specialist doctor, or, the doctors from our Clinic "Omni Dent" are the health ambassadors who will answer you with great pleasure with each question and will consult you every time.
We are waiting for you, when you have a suspected anomaly or just want to keep the oral cavity in an ideal shape. Your smile is our priority.

Author: Cătălina Ciuclea

Date of publishing: 18.11.2019 16:00

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