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Adriano Bogu and a 14-year-old teenager went last month, together with his father, to a consultation with the orthodontist Cătălina Ciuclea from the “ Omni DentDental Clinic . The attention paid, but also the effective communication motivated them to trust and to follow the recommendations of the specialist.

The patient diagnosed with malocclusion associated with moderate dental crowding accepted the proposed treatment plan, so the doctor fixed a fixed metal ligature (classic). The duration of orthodontic treatment with this type of dental appliance is estimated for a period of 1 - 1.5 years. Comfortable, easy to care for, this device is one of the first to appear in the dental world, around 1900; period of time in which dentists have considerably improved the techniques and methods of aligning teeth.
This one-month period of patient adaptation was enough to understand how easy the device is and how little discomfort it entails. He especially liked that some colleagues drew his attention by saying that he has a more pleasant smile. Parents are happier because their son has started to take more care of cleaning his teeth, and he said he has gained confidence and confidence in himself. The image of a pleasant smile as well as self-confidence comes from the confidence that you have few prominent defects or that you have no aesthetic problems.
The greatest innovations in the history of braces occurred in the '70s, when the dental adhesive was discovered, which helped to glue the tooth brackets, without the need to tie the teeth with wire and rubber bands. The second great discovery was stainless steel, which replaced gold and silver ; offering the same qualities as precious metals.
After fixing such a dental appliance monthly visits are necessary for its adjustment. In a pleasant and quiet environment, the specialist doctor discusses, each time, the specific hygiene and food rules when wearing this dental appliance. Rigorous sanitation consists in the successive use of the special toothbrush (interdental); dental floss; mouthwashes with mouth irrigator, mouthwash. Hard, sticky and crunchy foods are contraindicated.
However, due to the great variety of orthodontic correction means, the fixed metal dental appliance retains its popularity equally for patients of all ages, although there is a greater trend in adolescents. They express emotions and feelings on a monthly basis, personalizing their dental appliance through multicolored elastics.
Of course, you have some questions that need to be answered, but we assure you that they can be discussed in a warm and friendly atmosphere at the " Omni Dent " Dental Clinic , so that the treatment is as expected as possible. Each person has certain desires, goals, aspirations, or self-confidence offers the security of being in control of any situation. We are waiting for you, with pleasure, for a consultation at the " Omni Dent " Dental Clinic .
The medical team from the “ Omni Dent ” Dental Clinic , led by the oro-maxillo-facial surgeon Dumitru Sîrbu , takes care that each patient is satisfied and regains a pleasant smile, so with each work professionalism and dedication are the first aspects that stand out always.

The doctor is the person who can provide useful advice and a treatment plan that will bring the much desired result. In the case of the young patient, Adriano Bogu and our specialists, we are sure that everything will go well.
Author: Dorina ARSENE
16.10.2020 16:34