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10 educational institutions from Chisinau, but also from the country, 2000 happy children, 15 volunteer doctors, 4 strategic partners, tens of hours of teaching, 2000 packages with gifts, 2000 diplomas, dozens of drawings, diplomas and letters of gratitude are the result of the national campaign "The dentist - the friend of the children" during the period September - December, 2019.

The mission of the dental clinic "Omni Dent", the organizer of the campaign, is to provide the best services in a safe and comfortable environment, but also the care of the young generation, the future of our country, is a strong impetus that contributed to organizing and carrying out a major project.

The dozens of messages received, the special emotions experienced, but also the discussions and the encouragement of teachers and children to organize such projects is the positive result of the campaign dedicated to children from 4 years to 10 years.

We are completely satisfied, because the purpose of the campaign: to establish direct contact and to inform the small patients, the children, about the correct hygiene and its necessity in preventing the appearance of the dental conditions (caries, pulpits, periodontitis, stomatitis, etc.) and various other diseases caused by them, but also communicating with them to discuss the fear of the dentist, was successfully achieved and fulfilled.

The national campaign ”The dentist - the child's friend” is a project realized by the dental clinic "Omni Dent" in partnership with the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu", supported by Sensodyne, Paradontax and Bredent Moldova Company. Also, we thank the team from the show "Be healthy", JurnalTV, in the person of the presenter Maria Marian for making reports and the presence of the volunteer doctors in the show, but also the team from the show "Be young", Moldova1, in the person of Tatiana Cojocaru.

The idea of the project belongs to the chief doctor of the "Omni Dent" Dental Clinic, Dumitru Sîrbu, who started promoting oral cavity care, 7 years ago, as well, by conducting free lessons.

”Our concern for the health of the next generation, the attention to the prevention of certain oral diseases, our interest in being as close as possible to the future patients to be friends with them are some of the main reasons that concern me daily besides the fruitful activity. of my work. Although I couldn't get too involved and go to lessons, I delegated a team of future doctors, but also doctors from the Clinic that I lead to be with the children. I think you will agree with me if I say that our safest investment is children. They are our future, a strong foundation on which a nation can be formed. And the health of a society starts from a correct approach to educating a healthy way of life. For us, the dental practitioners, your health is the essence of the activity and we are careful that each patient is informed and takes care of his health, but also of the children. ", Mentioned the gold-maxillofacial surgeon Dumitru Sîrbu.

We thank the administration of all the educational institutions for the good organization and the warm welcome we had during the free lessons, but also the letters of thanks received, sign that it is a large project:


1. Social Resource Center "The house where I feel like a child" , Taraclia village, Causani district

About 60 children from socially vulnerable, single-parent, extremely poverty-stricken families or families where one or both parents abuse alcohol have benefited from a free lesson on proper brushing, the need for proper care of teeth, but also about the harmful effects of various food products and drinks on the teeth.

”We are extremely happy and proud that we have a very well known Taraclinean, a personality who weighs every word well and listens attentively to our needs, supporting us in various projects. For Taraclia it is an honor to have a citizen like Dumitru Sîrbu ”, mentioned Vladimir Cucereavîi, the mayor of Taraclia after he was offered an Honorary Diploma for special merits in the social economic development of the village of the surgeon Dumitru Sîrbu.

Likewise, Dumitru Sîrbu, the initiator of the information campaign, offered a gift to the Social Resources Center as a gift.




2. High School ”Elitex” , Chisinau

"I am very glad that our activity has aroused the curiosity of the children. The ingenious answers, their sincere smile encouraged us and made us understand that the lesson was an interactive and cheerful one. I think I convinced them that the dentist wishes them well and is their friend. The fact that we have been eagerly awaited denotes their interest in health, and we only have to guide them. We will definitely visit again, "said Galina Panuș, one of the volunteers of the campaign.



3. High School of " Modern Languages and Management" , Chisinau

”I liked this lesson because I learned something new. Already I will know that in the mouth there are 600 species of microbes and I understood how to properly clean my teeth, "said Michelle Ciobanu, a third-grade student.



4. High School ”Step by Step” Chisinau

Going to different schools we met very active and eager children to show us their knowledge about dental hygiene. The answers offered by children after our presentation are often beyond our expectations. I think for them it was not only a pleasant and useful experience, but also a substantial factor to take more care of their oral health, "said Adrian Bădărău, student at the Faculty of Dentistry of the USMF" Nicolae Testemitanu ".




5. High School ”Horizon” Ciocana, Chisinau


Among the most important ideas mentioned, but also retained by the students from the "Horizontal" Theoretical High School, within the free dental education lesson, are:

1. It is better to prevent than to treat any dental condition. This saves both time and money.

2. The fear of the dentist must be overcome because establishing a relationship of friendship - the doctor gains the patient's confidence, and this one is in good health.

3. By learning and observing the rules of hygiene in childhood, the student will become disciplined and develop healthy habits, thus preventing not only oral diseases, but also many general diseases.

4. A correct brushing performed twice a day for 2, 3 minutes, using a correct technique, combined with a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and nutrients, guarantees the health of children's teeth.




6. High School ”Socrate” , Chisinau

Equally involved and responsive were the parents of the students, who came with a message of thanks. "Sincere thanks to the" Omni Dent "Dental Clinic for the unique idea of being closer to children by bringing them messages and practical examples about dental hygiene. It is through this means of communication that we can overcome the fear of the doctor and become a good friend. Following the visit to the "Socrates" high school, the students of the IV-B class were impressed with the information gathered and promise to apply it in their daily lives. Only with the application of the hygiene rules from childhood can I become an adult with the perfect denture ”, said Cristina, mother of the student Leonard Andrieș-Sirețan, a student in the IV-B class.



7. High School ”Da Vinci” , Chisinau

I thank the surgeon Dumitru Sîrbu for starting this campaign, especially for the young generation. It's a great idea to train, to inform young people how to take care of their oral health. Thank you! ”, Mentioned Nina Mantaluța.



8. Kindergarten "Poienița Picilor" , Chisinau



Interested in the ones presented, the examples provided, the children answered all the doctors' questions. When asked if they went to the dentist, many of them responded positively invoking various situations. According to them, the optimum means colored plasticine, and the doctor's consultation - a pleasant meeting.

To the question: "is the dentist your friend"?, the children answered that he is a good friend, because he gives them gifts and does not cause pain.



9. Gymnasium Balanesti , Balanesti village, Nisporeni district


Although, for more than 25 years she left her native village, the roots have called her back to do beautiful and useful things to her countrymen and their children. Visually excited, the dentist, Viorica Sîrbu, in his speech, told some pleasant memories about the beloved school, but also about the need to take care of teeth, told the children about Fairy Măseluță and convinced them to be as attentive to the advice offered. . With respect, the deputy director, Elena Ghilețchi, offered her a letter of thanks, and the mayor of the village - a diploma of honor and a bouquet of flowers.

”We thank you very much for your efforts, for the gifts offered, for the celebration you organized with your arrival in the village. I want to mention that for the first time, someone comes to us with a health lesson. We look forward to welcoming you, "said the head of the school, Svetlana Chirtoaca.

”Among my team of volunteers are my children, who are not in the first experience of this kind: Daniel, a student in the third year, the Faculty of Dentistry and Doina, a student in the first year at the Faculty of Pharmacy, but also our little one, Pantelimon, who says that the path to medicine will follow us, "said proudly Viorica Sîrbu.

In addition, the students received special gifts from the organizers, very generously offered by the Director of the Clinic, Viorica Sîrbu, boxes with sweets.

Likewise, the director of the Clinic, together with the head doctor, Dumitru Sîrbu, made a charity event for the chemistry office in the school. It was equipped with various demonstration materials needed at the biology and chemistry classes.



10. ”Ghiocel” kindergarten from Taraclia village, Causani district

Extremely curious, well prepared with a program dedicated to oral health, the children in the kindergarten "Ghiocel" impressed the guests and the audience. Their artistic moment was a great surprise containing poems, songs, carols. Also, it was very nice to see a panel dedicated to oral health, various illustrative materials made by children, but also the performance of the kindergarten collective that in the most beautiful Moldovan traditions welcomed us in national clothes, with kindness and warmth characteristic of our nation. The highlight of the event was the performance of the song "Yellow Gutters" by all those present.

In addition, the students received special gifts from the organizers, very generously offered by the chief doctor of the "Omni Dent" Dental Clinic with boxes of sweets.

Likewise, Dr. Dumitru Sîrbu, made a charity for the needs of the kindergarten: a vacuum cleaner and a mixer.

We also thank the mayors of Taraclia and Balanesti villages for the good organization of the public events in which two interesting presentations were held on the prophylaxis of the diseases of the oral diseases; The importance of prevention in dentistry; Influence of food on dental health; The basic rules of hygiene and care; The practical part in which the children learned the correct brushing technique, led by the gold-maxillofacial surgeon Dumitru Sîrbu, university lecturer, doctor in medical sciences.






The team of volunteers, dedicated to the project, those who are the Health Ambassadors and the promoters of a beautiful smile are: Evelina Corcimari, Chiril Voloc, Mihai Coade, Cătălina Ciuclea, Dumitru Nuca, Adrian Bădărău, Galina Panuș, Stas Eni , Daniel Sîrbu, Doina Sîrbu, project coordinator Dorina Arsene.

Dumitru Sîrbu, the initiator of the national campaign ”The dentist - the friend of the children” was selected as the protagonist of the “Volunteer with love at home” campaign initiated by UNDP Moldova. The campaign celebrates the marginality and devotion of the migrants who, through voluntary actions, contribute to the development of the native localities of Moldova. It is launched on the occasion of the International Day of Volunteers, celebrated annually on December 5.

Author: Dorina Arsene

22.01.2020 17:52