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Oral health of pregnant women - the concern of the dental community

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 The “Omni Dentdental clinic in collaboration with the Faculty of Dentistry of the “Nicolae TestemitanuUniversity of Medicine and Pharmacy organizes a campaign to promote the correct care of the oral cavity in women during pregnancy. 

The aim of the campaign " Oral health of pregnant women - the concern of the dental community " is to inform expectant mothers about proper care of the oral cavity, diseases of this region, complications that may occur during pregnancy, and their treatment, diagnosis, prophylaxis. The pregnancy period is a special one because the oral pathology or the dental procedures can be reflected on the health condition of the pregnant woman, but also on the development of the child. 

Thus, we aimed to promote the correct care of the oral cavity during this period by preventing certain dental conditions and their complications. Let's come up with useful information for women right from the first trimester of pregnancy. The campaign is also aimed at informing expectant mothers who intend to conceive a child. At the same time we want to inform about modern methods of prevention of dental diseases and the need for proper care of the oral cavity. 

In this regard, we want to inform as many women as possible about maintaining their health. The dentists, guided by the university lecturer, the doctor of medical sciences Dumitru Sîrbu , will hold free lessons at the “ Omni DentDental Clinic , as well as online conferences. At the same time, the participants will receive a brochure with useful information on this topic, prepared by the oro-maxillo-facial surgeon, Dumitru Sîrbu.   

The campaign will have a well-structured program in accordance with the study program within USMF " Nicolae Testemitanu " with reference to the prophylaxis of dental diseases. 

"Addressing pregnant patients with multiple dental conditions has led us to think and organize such a campaign, with the good intention of providing them with early diagnosis, appropriate treatment for pregnancy, prophylaxis of diseases and complications of pathologies of the oro-maxillo- region. facial, but also information about the role and need to comply with the hygiene of the oral cavity, regular check-ups at the dentist. During this period there may be complications of dental conditions, which is a serious problem not only for the patient, but also for the doctor who experiences the same strong emotions. We want to draw the attention of all women that it is better to prevent before becoming pregnant in order to prevent possible problems ", mentioned the chief doctor of the Dental Clinic"Omni Dent ”, Dumitru Sîrbu , doctor of medical sciences, associate professor.

The campaign takes place between March 2021 and March 2022.

24.02.2021 17:34