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 Health is a priority for every person. We are always careful to keep it, but also to maintain it in the situation where we lose it. For the doctors at the "Omni Dent" Dental Clinic, the accuracy of a job well done, attention to each individual patient, good teamwork, the quality of the services offered, but also the warm and welcoming atmosphere is what characterizes them.

The Clinic's new, more modern and better equipped headquarters, the friendly and always benevolent team thanks to the good management and the competence of the general manager, Dumitru Sîrbu, to form and maintain a united team are the main attributes to work with pleasure.

The year 2023 started in full force with goals and wishes, with new projects and with patients who we want to be as satisfied as possible with the treatment they received. And in order to account for our most important resource - time, we set several priorities to create a collection of moments in time. Thus, we proposed:
1. Quality of services - Equipping the clinic with more high-performance technology/equipment so that patients have the best diagnostic and treatment conditions in our country.   
2. Education – the medical team will also participate this year in various conferences, national and international congresses to accumulate new knowledge in the field;
3. Scientific research – we aim to research various issues in the OMF region 
4. Social responsibility - Education/projects - we want to offer from our knowledge and we will organize free courses for pregnant women with the aim of providing the most useful information about the health of the oral cavity during this period, but also lessons on correct hygiene of the oral cavity for all interested, also free.
5. The team - we want to have new colleagues in the team.

"Years of experience have shown me that dedication to a job well done and involvement with the soul bring the best results. As medical technology continues to improve, so too does research on how to more precisely treat all pathologies in the OMF region. That is why the continuous improvement, the lessons taught at USMF "Nicolae TestemiČ›anu" and the motivation of the young generation to love the profession of dentist and to treat patients with the soul, but also my daily activity to see a happier world are a priority for me and for this new year", said Dumitru Sîrbu, oro-maxillo-facial surgeon, head doctor at the "Omni Dent" Dental Clinic.

We wish you all a more prosperous and memorable year. 
 Author: Dorina ARSENE
19.01.2023 16:22