Subtotal edentation in the upper jaw - intervention performed with zygomatic implants

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Diagnosis: Subtotal edentation in the upper jaw. Severe bone atrophy.

Age: 54 years old, male
With the loss of teeth, the patient loses the alveolar bone together with the gums, a process called alveolar ridge atrophy. Insufficient bone supply remains a problem that often creates difficulties in implant-prosthetic rehabilitation, both in the mandible and in the upper jaw. In order to rehabilitate the atrophied alveolar ridge in order to insert the dental implants, the doctors use the methods to increase the necessary bone supply. These methods have a number of shortcomings, the most obvious of which are: additional trauma and longer rehabilitation time.

In order to avoid the shortcomings of the methods of increasing the bone supply of the alveolar ridges, in the preimplant preparation, alternative methods of implant-prosthetic rehabilitation through zygomatic implants are proposed. This method was also used in the presented patient, treated at the " Omni Dent " Dental Clinic by the dentist-alveolar surgeon Stanislav Eni , under the guidance of the oro-maxillo-facial surgeon, PhD, associate professor, Dumitru Sîrbu . The treatment plan was proposed after clinical and radiological examination,
comparing the treatment options, discussing their advantages and disadvantages in agreement with the patient, the optimal treatment option was chosen in this case according to the analyzed criteria.

Upper jaw rehabilitation was performed by the " Quad Zygoma " method which includes the insertion of 4 zygomatic implants with the installation of the fixed prosthesis within 72 hours.
The method of rehabilitation with zygomatic implants showed a high efficiency, short time of surgery, immediate prosthetic rehabilitation and high patient satisfaction with a marked improvement in quality of life, restoring morphology, masticatory functions, phonation, swallowing, but also the external appearance of the patient's face, regaining his smile, confidence and joy of life. The specialists of the “ Omni Dent ” Dental Clinic have a very high professional training, participating annually in dozens of national congresses and conferences and
where they accumulate the most contemporary methods of treatment of dental diseases. In common with the modern technologies of the Clinic, orthopantomography , computed tomography , printer3D , intraoral scanner and various helpful software for the specialist to make precise measurements in order to plan and implement treatment plans even in the most difficult clinical situations.
The post is in the context of case studies conducted in the doctoral thesis "Rehabilitation of patients with severe atrophy of the upper jaw by alternative implantation" of doctor Stranislav Eni , scientific leader being the doctor oro-maxillo-facial surgeon, dr.ș, conf. univ. at the OMF Department of Surgery and  Oral Implantology “Arsenie Guțan” , at USMF “Nicolae Testemitanu” , Dr.  Dumitru Sîrbu .
The scientific approach complements the clinical approach of the cases treated by the thorough synthesis of pathologies in the oro-maxillofacial region, through the prism of contemporary world studies, their critical analysis for the implementation of optimal methods of diagnosis and scientifically proven treatment to be given to our country. .
Author: Dorina ARSENE
29.03.2022 16:09